APEX e2e Testing automation with Jest & Puppeteer #1

It is not often that I come across an Oracle APEX Development environment with some sort of test automation setup. Unit-testing frameworks for back-end database development are readily available alright! But it is really rare (at least for me)to find front-end testing automated in Oracle APEX. So I decided, why not start with that?

Turns out, by the simple fact that APEX runs in a browser, there are many options available. As the title indicates, my main focus for now is end-to-end (e2e) testing tools and not unit-testing, integration testing…

I’m therefore kick-starting a series of articles for this end and I will use Facebook’s Jest and Google’s Puppeteer. I shall, maybe at the end say why I chose these tools.

But here’s first of all a preview of what we want to achieve: With the prepackaged sample database application coming with APEX, I’m going to test the placing of an order and creating a new customer along the way. See below the end-result–note that it’s running automatically; I’ve no control over my keyboard(I could never type that fast anyway)

I hope this helps someone looking to get started with end-to-end testing in Oracle APEX!

Stay tuned for a step by step guide on how to do this and some tips on incorporating this practice in your environment.


APEX e2e Testing automation with Jest & Puppeteer #2

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